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As we approach the harvest of 2019, the first after the renewal of the 2018 Farm Bill and the explosion of hemp throughout the United States, there are more CBD brands and products on the market than ever before. Few of these brands however offer a Seed to Sale vertical commitment like Revivid USA. In this blog we will explain what a seed to sale operation is and why our commitment to every step of the process ensures you receive only the highest quality CBD products available for your needs.

What is a Seed to Sale Vertical Hemp Company?

The cannabis industry as a whole is young and emerging with California first breaking the stigma of the plant in 1996 and Canada legalizing medical cannabis in 2001. As the industry rapidly evolves, so have the regulations and protections put in place for consumers. 

As a seed to sale vertical hemp company we are able to track and control every element of the production chain. From the genetics of our plants to the soil in which they are grown, the Revivid USA process begins. Natural, organic farming practices are utilized to cultivate our Cannabidiol-rich hemp and cutting-edge scientific techniques are used to optimize the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from these plants upon harvest.

At Revivid USA we plant the seed, we grow the plant, we harvest and process our hemp into packaged CBD products for you. In addition to controlling every step of the process, we are also able to offer intensive tracking of each step along the way.

Revivid USA and parent company Hammer Enterprises were the first and only vertically integrated industrial hemp company to commit to a professional partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Industrial Hemp Program. From our proprietary genetics to expertise in extraction, our quality commitment is involved with every step of our process. Revivid USA is also a partner with other legal and government bodies to further confirm and support our commitment to quality, legal hemp CBD products.