** All-New Full-Spectrum Gummies + CBD Pet Tinctures Now Available **

We are excited to reveal our expanding portfolio with a range of new pet CBD products. Our Revivid Pets product line debuts with four new and tasty CBD treats for your furry friend. These CBD tinctures for pets contain the same CBD benefits found in Revivid’s high-quality human products and are combined with flavors dogs, cats, horses, and more, love to chow down on.

Much like humans, pets have an Endocannabinoid System within their bodies that helps to regulate internal processes. Anxiety, pain, and inflammation aren’t conditions only humans experience. Our pets do too. Furry friends can pick up on stress and a change in human body language. Pets are part of the family, which means it is important to choose a reputable brand such as Revivid USA for safe consumption to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Revivid Pets CBD Tinctures are 2,000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD drops available in 4 flavors including:

CBD serving sizes vary for each individual pet, just like humans, depending on weight, species, and age. We recommend starting with the lowest measure indicated on the bottle while monitoring the progress your pet makes. For pets in pain, Revivid’s high-quality CBD tinctures can provide relief for pets of any age.